who watched BULLYBEATDOWN on MTV

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who watched BULLYBEATDOWN on MTV

Post  deamon on Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:54 pm

Bully beat down is a show on mtv wit Jason Mayhem Miller
I personally like Miller as a fighter and a character on TV
If been reading the blogs on the internet with people saying that this program is cheap and bad for the sport…
And come on lets lighten up a bit …its entertainment..Nothing more nothing less
You know what …..Brock Lesnar got a shot at the title after only three fights
By the UFC the most established organisation in the world off MMA …that’s bad for the sport in my opinion .
Putting Mark Coleman in a cage with Shogun as a headline fight …now that’s bad for the sport.
Frank Shamrock …that’s bad for the sport
And I don’t care what he did and does for MMA but Dana White is starting to go to the dark side cause I think he’s getting to be bad for the sport …I think most true M MA fans respect Dana to a certain point …but we just don’t get the decisions he’s making and things he says in the media any more….look it up on youtube about the same Brock Lesnar before ha had signed with the UFC
About Fedor and more …but any way to much about Dana
And back to Bully beat down I do think its entertaining en funny
And am happy with shows like TUF, Tappout (RIP Mask ) and now bully beat down
I would like to know what u guys think …
Laters …

The Deamon


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Re: who watched BULLYBEATDOWN on MTV

Post  Mitch Ciccarelli on Wed Apr 01, 2009 6:56 pm

I thought the show was pretty hilarious.

It's funny to see how shitty these bullies look when they actually fight real fighters.

I lolled at the guy who was like "I've got kicks that can take down trees" and then he goes for a high kick on the heavybag and falls on his ass lmao!

Mayhem is the perfect host.

I kinda like the show, it's funny.

Mitch Ciccarelli

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Re: who watched BULLYBEATDOWN on MTV

Post  The JDH on Fri May 15, 2009 1:31 am

I dig the show... mainly for the fights... the bad acting/Jerry Springer "back stories" need work, but I guess they are needed to build the "story".

Mayhem is a star and perfect for MTV.

I like to watch it @ mtv.com to avoid commercials

JDH What a Face


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Re: who watched BULLYBEATDOWN on MTV

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